Guess Who’s Getting a Promotion!?


“For the fates to bless a family with one child is a delight to all who view and share their joy. For the fates to bless a family with more children, it is because they have seen the love the family has to give overflowed its vessel.” Ryan and I are beyond stoked to announce that Baby Lumas #3 will be coming to a boob near me in November! If you haven’t been following me for long, back in June[Read more]

Heritage 1933 Product Reviews

Heritage 1933

Have you ever came across a brand or product that felt strangely spiritual and inspirational? That’s how I feel about Heritage1933. The founder, Latoya Thompson is so very inspiring and so very motivated to provide not only healthy hair care options for natural hair, but is also striving to improve the lives of women and children. That to me is inspirational. Heritage1933 carries kinky hair options, as well as hair and body care products. Mission To celebrate the natural beauty[Read more]

Goodbye March, Hello April

hello april

Oh, hello April. Are we really here already? March definitely came rolling in like a lion and well…not even out like a lamb if you ask me. I am praying that April is much better. I look forward to planting flowers this month and finally wearing the sandals that I’ve had under my bed for a few weeks now. Looking forward to photoshoots with the kids and babies that are due soon. So much that I want to do, I[Read more]

Muffin Tops are the Best Part of the Muffin


This weekend was super busy! On Friday, I had just finished working a nice 10 day stretch at work and my Boog also turned 2 that day. We had a small family gathering on Friday, while Saturday was going to be the Bubble Guppies Easter Hunt Birthday Extravaganza! Yeah, my husband and I thought of that. I decided that I wanted to look half way decent since the weather was fairly nice. I wanted a pop of color because I’m[Read more]

How To Fully Use the Ulta Rewards Program & A Mini Haul

ultamate rewards program

On the first day of Spring, I went balling out of control at Ulta, and paid 6 cents for a Clarisonic Mia Fit by using my Ulta Rewards! Bro!!!! That retails alone for $189. My friends want to know how I did it…so I will explain. Let me tell you guys something, if you are shopping at Ulta and not taking full advantage of all that their loyalty program offers, then you, my friend, are missing out. On Sunday, I[Read more]

Reasons Why My Son Cries


I wish that I could tell you that the pictures I post of Carter on my facebook and Instagram are always accurate. He is always smiling, and happy and content with what life hands to him that day. You guys…my son cries. A lot. I realized that when we brought him home from the hospital. Yes, babies in general cry, but there was something different about Carter crying. He was breastfed constantly on my boob. He didn’t take kindly to[Read more]

The Vest That Inspired Me

otis collection for lane braynt

I find inspiration from everywhere. After seeing my long time blogger friend Jeniese rock a vest in a previous post of hers, I knew I wanted one. I wasn’t sure how I would style it or where I would even get one that I loved…until Lane Bryant launched their collab with L.A.’s Otis College of Art and Design. I freakin JUMPED on this Long Boucle Vest by Otis. On Superbowl Sunday, LB was offering this incredible 50% off deal that I could[Read more]

Embracing My B Belly 2 Years After Pregnancy

embracing my b belly after pregnancy

Two years ago I posted this picture of my pregnant B belly…   For some, when you first find out you’re pregnant, you can’t wait to show off that perfectly round baby bump. Only thing is, some of us don’t get that pretty round bump that is often showcased. Some of develop a “B” belly…that’s where you get that “line” that usually defines the bottom of your belly from the top. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed[Read more]

Benefits of Multimasking


  I’ve always been a late bloomer when it comes to trends of any type. This rings true with beauty trends as well. It wasn’t until I was setting an endcap at work with a sign that read, “Multi-masking,” that I even cared to inquire about mixing up my masks. In fact, I originally thought the sign read “multitasking.”  my friend and peer Courtney said, “Yeah girl. You can mix up your masks. One mask isn’t for everything.” We discussed[Read more]

Plus Size Modeling; Is It Still For Me?


Plus size modeling was is a huge passion of mine, yet it has been over 3 years since I last stepped foot in front of a professional photographers camera. My last shoot was 3 years ago to the month, and I was newly pregnant. At that time, I was turned off by modeling because I couldn’t keep my energy up. Folks don’t realize exactly how exhausting modeling can actually be.  Now that I am a mom to a crazy, little[Read more]